There is this cool program that we learned in class that is called Jing. You can download it on your computer and use it to either take a screen shot or a video of what is on your screen. I had never heard it before this class but I am glad that I learned about it. 

I think that this can be a very useful tool to use in the classroom because you could use it to help teach a lesson. For example, if you were doing stations for a unit on the history of New York State, you could make a Jing on how to find a credible source or you can make a Jing on how to get to the correct website. This would be good because you wouldn’t have to waste time in the beginning of the activity to explain it to everyone and then have kids forget how to do it because they went to a different activity first. 

I am really happy that I am learning all of these different tools that I will be able to bring into my classroom when I become a teacher!!! 🙂


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