Computers in the Classroom

I have expressed quite a few times how torn I am when it comes to having technology in the classroom. I think that it is important to have alternative ways to learn but I also think that it is important to have children learn the basics/ fundamentals like learning how to read out of a text book and also how to look words up in an actual dictionary and not look it up on 

For one of my classes this semester I have to work in a classroom at Windemere Boulevard Elementary school. In my placement, I am in a kindergarten classroom that has 4 computers. I would think that kindergartners’ would not be able to navigate on the computer but I was wrong. 

In this classroom, the children use the computers to use a website called Star fall. This site is to practice phonics, reading, math, and other academics but in the form of games so that it is appealing to the kids. I think that this is actually a really creative thing to do because when the kids go on the computer it is during stations so the teachers are either testing or working on a different skill. Sometimes when the teacher isn’t paying attention, students fool around and aren’t productive. This is a way for students to have fun and learn and work on skills all at the same time. 


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