There is this cool program that we learned in class that is called Jing. You can download it on your computer and use it to either take a screen shot or a video of what is on your screen. I had never heard it before this class but I am glad that I learned about it. 

I think that this can be a very useful tool to use in the classroom because you could use it to help teach a lesson. For example, if you were doing stations for a unit on the history of New York State, you could make a Jing on how to find a credible source or you can make a Jing on how to get to the correct website. This would be good because you wouldn’t have to waste time in the beginning of the activity to explain it to everyone and then have kids forget how to do it because they went to a different activity first. 

I am really happy that I am learning all of these different tools that I will be able to bring into my classroom when I become a teacher!!! 🙂


Computers in the Classroom

I have expressed quite a few times how torn I am when it comes to having technology in the classroom. I think that it is important to have alternative ways to learn but I also think that it is important to have children learn the basics/ fundamentals like learning how to read out of a text book and also how to look words up in an actual dictionary and not look it up on dictionary.com. 

For one of my classes this semester I have to work in a classroom at Windemere Boulevard Elementary school. In my placement, I am in a kindergarten classroom that has 4 computers. I would think that kindergartners’ would not be able to navigate on the computer but I was wrong. 

In this classroom, the children use the computers to use a website called Star fall. This site is to practice phonics, reading, math, and other academics but in the form of games so that it is appealing to the kids. I think that this is actually a really creative thing to do because when the kids go on the computer it is during stations so the teachers are either testing or working on a different skill. Sometimes when the teacher isn’t paying attention, students fool around and aren’t productive. This is a way for students to have fun and learn and work on skills all at the same time. 

Power Point Presentations

This day in age, it is very common to use power point to create presentations. I have been using power point since elementary school. Throughout the years, the more experience I get with it and the more I learn about the program, the more I see how many features there are to use and how they could help in the classroom.

A couple weeks ago in class, we learned how to narrate power points. It is possible to set them up where you don’t even have to click the button to continue. You can set it on a timer where the slides just transition along with the narration. 

I think that this can be a very useful tool in the classroom because you can have children do stations individually and still have the feeling that they are being taught by the teacher. I also think that this program is just good all together because it provides students with a visual while they are learning. It is important to keep UDL in mind for all of your lessons and this is a good way to do it.