Voice Thread

In last class we were given a participation task that involved using voice thread. I had never heard of this before but after using it I really liked it. I liked how you could just choose pictures to be the slide as opposed to power point where you have slides to click through.

I can see this being useful as a tool in the classroom that I will be teaching in the future because it is giving my students the chance to present something they have a lot of knowledge about, and not having to worry about public speaking. Some people get really bad anxiety and that gets in the way of getting across how smart they really are. 

I actually have anxiety disorder so any way that I can help ease the nerves for my students I will help them. 


Ipads in Special Education Classrooms

When I was a senior in high school, i participated in a program called Aspire. The last two months of school i basically went to work instead of going to school. I went back to the elementary school I attended growing up and helped in one of their special education rooms.

This class was called SAIL. There were 7 severely autistic boys in the class that i worked with. each one of them had their own needs and strengths. some of the boys were non verbal, and some of the boys were at a more advanced level where they could work on math problems and other subjects.

one great thing that was present in the classroom was technology. these boys had access to computers and ipads. sometimes these were used as incentive for the boys to do their work but other times they were used as learning tools.

the ipad is very good for fine motor skills. for example, some of the boys had very shaky hand writing, so at the end of the day they would get to type their journal entry on the computer. With some of the younger boys, i would work with them on tracing letters of the alphabet so their muscles got used to the motion of making an “A”. The technology was also good because it provided these boys with an alternative way to learn. it was interactive so it kept them engaged and interested.

This experience really opened my eyes to see how big of a role technology can be.